All lectures from the first day of the conference are now avaliable. Watch videos from the lectures of Bernadette Lynch, Heledd Fychan, Piotr Majewski, Taja Vovk van Gaal and the other speakers.


Bernadette Lynch  «Talking the talk… The benefits, opportunities, challenges and limitations of opening up dialogue in museums»

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Heledd Fychan «Participation at the heart of Museums»


Lis-Mari Hjortfors «Narrative and cultural safety in a lulesami community »


Peder Kjøs «Intimate stories – How to tell them ethically»


Françoise Davoine «Whereof one cannot speak, one cannot help showing what cannot be said»


Piotr Majewski «Why is the Second World War so hot a question in Poland?»


Taja Vovk van Gaal «Academic independence of History Museums: reality or utopia?»